Etobicoke Camera Club Application

Applicant Information:

Applies to new members only. If you have previously belonged to another camera club or a photography related organization, please select above.
ECC exists because our volunteers make it happen. If you can assist, please check off your area of expertise or interest. Speak with the Membership Chair if you want to help but aren't sure what needs doing. Thanks!


ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I affirm that, by participating in any Outing, Event, Field Trip, Special Interest Group or Workshop conducted by the Etobicoke Camera Club, I am fully accepting as my personal risk any and all consequences of such participation, and I hereby agree to release, save harmless and indemnify the Etobicoke Camera Club, its officers, directors, agents and members, from and against all claims, actions, costs and expenses in respect to death, injury, loss or damages to me or my property arising as a result of my participation. In the event of an accident or medical problem suffered by me, I consent to the Etobicoke Camera Club seeking out the appropriate medical care required. I declare that I have read and fully understand this Waiver and Assumption of Risk, and that it is binding on me, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns. I further understand and accept that this liability waiver applies to any and all guests or participants which may be brought by me to any club event or activity and that I hereby undertake to advise my guests of this liability waiver and to obtain their acceptance of these terms. I further understand that I am responsible to ensure my guest’s safety and the safety of his/her equipment during any club event of activity. I further agree to comply with all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws and regulations as well as the rules, restrictions, and policies of any place or organization visited while participating in any ECC Field Trip, Outing, Special Interest Group or Workshop.
I understand and agree: a) that it is not unlawful for anyone to photograph/video an individual while in a public space or any private gathering space unless the owner of that space clearly advises that photographs/videos are prohibited and b) that members or ECC event attendees may occasionally take group, single or video images of members participating in club events, and c) that such images or videos may appear in publications, newsletters, websites, club promo materials and social media.
Board and committee members will occasionally send important emails related to Club news or business and outside workshops. Please indicate your preference.
Do you consent to your contact information being shared with other club members? Doing so will allow other club members to contact you directly. If you decline, your contacts will only be provided to ECC Board members for club membership, communication and email purposes.

Application Fee and Online Payment:

Payment can be made through e-Transfer to:
Please note, all e-Transfers are automatically accepted by ECC's bank. No security question or phone number is required.