Specific Rules for Architecture Competition

  • Includes buildings, or parts thereof.
  • Architectural structures must be permanent and stationary, such as buildings, bridges, walls etc. Interior structures are also included. 
  • The building(s) or structure(s) should dominate the image.  Images of building(s) that include a significant amount of natural surroundings such as reflections of the buildings in water, shoreline, waterfront, trees or other vegetation may be considered pictorial and disqualified.
  • Items such as furniture, flagpoles, skylines, artifacts, ornaments, ships, statues, fences are INELIGIBLE if these provide the dominant subject of the photograph.
  • Full Architecture Rules can be obtained from the Rules of Competition

    General Rules for Digital Competitions

    • Paid-up members can submit up to three (3) JPG digital images in each regular competition (usually 2 for critiques). The maximum image size is 1600 Wide x 1200 High pixels.
    • Member must have exposed the original image. Images incorporating digital imaging or electronic enhancements are acceptable (with the exception of the Nature category) provided that the image or enhancement is work of the photographer. Images or parts of images taken from digital libraries, print publications or the internet are not eligible.

    Full General Rules can be obtained from the Rules of Competition

    Instructions for using this form

    • Digital images entered using this form will be uploaded to the server directly from your computer.
    • Due to time and space constraints, the maximum size for an image to be uploaded is 4 MB
    • Filenames of images to be uploaded may ONLY contain letters, digits, spaces, periods(.), underscores(_) or dashes (-). No other punctuation is allowed in this filename OR the name of it's folder. You MAY include special characters and punctuation in the image's Title or Comments.
    • After entering the information on the entry form, click on [SUBMIT] to start the upload process.
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